Thank you, Terrence Malick

Finally caught “Tree of life” – in the cinema. Truly a film that proves the need of this window. Blown away. Too long, yes. Too evidently religious in it’s mission rather than simply placing it within the characters, yes. Very square in terms of laying all the loving, caring and forgiving qualities on the mother and all the demanding, judging, punishing and potentially unforgiving on the father, yes. But overwhelmingly beautiful in it’s visual language, overwhelmingly moving in it’s mise en scene, overwhelmingly patient and precise in the directing of the actors – especially the kids! Amazingly skilled and daring when insisting on all times being present here and now. Relieving in its allowance of pathos. I am deeply moved by the stubbornness of Terrence Mallick. Too easy to imagine all the discussions most directors would have had with their producers, who would have wanted to cut down on the difficult, narrative complexities and all the production-heavy location-needs and set-ups. Some would insist it should be possible to tell the same story in a three-room apmt. NOT. I am thankful that films like this are still made. Thank you, Terrence Malick.

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