Get a grip!

JESUS CHRIST! As if Lars Von Trier bundled all american, israeli, french and danish flags and burned them all together. Or as if he made the cartoon-drawings in the first place (with noone – suddenly! – by his side harshly defending freedom of speach) but world media and collegues instead reacting like the most radical and offended islamistic flag-burners. Or the inquisition. As if he was anywhere near the political power of Berlusconi, British Petrol, Ghadafi, Assad (Assad right now killing hundreds of people in Syria with next to no attention) – and all the rest of them. As if noone knows that Oliver Hirschbiegel of course must have been able to feel sympathy, be profoundly interested in and identify with the man Hitler, in order to make “Der untergang” such a masterpiece. The world has gone wacko reacting like 13-yearolds when they discover that mum and dad actually have sex. Cannes has gone politics for dummies when they should be able to house and defend and proudly present even crazyer artists. Get a grip! It is a filmfestival. He is not Ahmadinejad. He is an artist. It’s his bloody job to say what can’t be said. Upside: he got all the attention. Again.

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